Finley Finley Finley
Finley Finley Finley

Finley came to HSS because he wasn't the most well-behaved boy and his manners were lacking. He is 5 years old (DOB 9/21/16), 14 inches, 19 pounds, neutered, heartworm/fecal negative.

From Finley's foster mom: Finley has gone through a lot of training since coming to HSS. He has learned how to walk on a leash with a Gentle Leader and has drastically improved when it comes to passing cars. He was always lunging and trying to attack a passing car. Now he has learned to patiently sit and wait as they go by. And while he is good with this, he will need continuous guidance and reminders to make sure he stays on track. His Gentle Leader will go with him to his new home so he can continue to do well on a leash.
Comings and goings through the door do seem to trigger Finley. He ramps up, barking and charging excitedly, and is difficult to calm. He has been known to nip at these times. While this is not aggression, we will be seeking the input of a behaviorist to work with him, and it will require a strong hand to continue to manage.

When Finley first came into the program, he also exhibited jealousy issues. Wherever you are he wants to be touching you. If he can lay by your side all day, keeping watch, he would be happy. When other dogs would come by, he didn't want to share the human's attention but he is learning, and now plays, sleeps and eats well with the other foster dogs. He has found his place in the foster pack and, with guidance will find his way in yours too.

Finley is good with his commands and most of the time good on recall. However, he does get focused on certain things (such as running the fence with the neighbor dogs) and has some separation anxiety issues that makes it hard for him to focus. He has been put on a medication to help with this and overall it seems to be doing wonders! He is more focused and attentive. He waits patiently for his food and has never shown any food aggression. He knows all his basic commands and responds well to them.

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